EIT Newsletters

Emerging Information Technologies (EIT)  Newsletters are normally published monthly.  The newsletters are free to anyone interested and consist of links to applications of Emerging Information Technologies.  They contain no advertising or solicitations .   

Newsletters are posted to the website approximately one or two months after distribution to subscribers, so subscribers receive the newsletters as they are generated Subscription is free and can be accomplished by emailing a request to be added to the newsletter distribution list to sknode@gmail.com.  

NOTE: If you would like to keep up with the links as I find them, you can follow my 'tweets' via my twitter account, http://www.twitter.com/sknode

NOTE: EIT newsletters were published quarterly prior to 2007, then bi-monthly during 2007.  Newsletters are now published monthly. . All newsletter item links were functional at the date of posting and can be found at http://www.steveknode.com/news_updates.htm.  However, some items are temporal and disappear.

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