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The Most Ambitious Artificial Intelligence Project In The World Has Been Operating In Near Secrecy For 30 Years Jul 2014
Machines Finally Match Monkeys in Key Image-Recognition Test Jul 2014
How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Your Business Jun 2014
AI Takes to the Skies Jun 2014
Stephen Hawking: 'Transcendence looks at the implications of artificial intelligence - but are we taking AI seriously enough?' May 2014
Why The Future Of Technology Is All Too Human Mar 2014
Facebook’s ‘Deep Learning’ Guru Reveals the Future of AI Dec 2013
Facebook Launches Advanced AI Effort to Find Meaning in Your Posts Oct 2013
The Hanson-Yudkowski debate about AI Sep 2013
Anki, blessed by Apple, takes AI and robotics to consumers Jun 2013
Big Data Tool Mimics Human Problem Solving Technique May 2013
Car Infotainment System With Artificial Intelligence: Cool Or Too Creepy? May 2013
Deep Learning Apr 2013
From Sci-fi to real life: the advances of Artificial Intelligence, part 1 Jan 2013
10 jobs being automated at a surprising pace Dec 2012
Another job being automated at a surprising pace: the boss Dec 2012
Is artificial intelligence becoming a commodity? Nov 2012
Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong Nov 2012
Philosophy will be the key that unlocks artificial intelligence Oct 2012
First artificial intelligence to chart the universe reported (Video) Sep 2012
How artificial intelligence will shape our lives Jul 2012
Future Talk 32-1, Artificial Intelligence Jul 2012
Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Social Intelligence Jul 2012
Artificial Irrelevance: The robots are coming Jul 2012
Artificial intelligence to sniff out bankers' scams Jul 2012
16,000 Processors Can Identify a Cat in a YouTube Video Sometimes Jun 2012
What Darwin's Theory of Evolution Reveals About Artificial Intelligence Jun 2012
Research at Stanford may lead to computers that understand humans Jun 2012
When creative machines overtake man May 2012
AI uprising: humans will be outsourced, not obliterated May 2012
The Hunt for AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) - video Apr 2012
Ethics of the Singularity Mar 2012
The story of artificial intelligence Mar 2012
The Algorithm-Driven Dr. House Won't Be Seeing You Soon Feb 2012
Will Artificial Intelligence be America’s Next Big Thing? Feb 2012
Embodiment, Computation And the Nature of Artificial Intelligence Feb 2012
Scripps cuts deal for invention to help organize raw materials for $10M robot Feb 2012
The amazing artificial intelligence that will protect the World Trade Center Feb 2012
Real life HAL 9000 meets Skynet: AI controlled video surveillance society Dec 2011
Can entrepreneurialism be automated? Dec 2011
Self-aware computing project named a 'world changing' idea by Scientific American Dec 2011
Artificial intelligence joins the fossil hunt Nov 2011
Unlocking the key to human intelligence Oct 2011
Videos from the Oct 15-16, 2011 Singularity Conference Oct 2011
US Army Tester Gets Artificial Intelligence Sep 2011
Artificial intelligence to make life simpler, even for dummies Aug 2011
Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson on Artificial Intelligence... Mindblowing! Aug 2011
Researchers Create Artificial Neural Network from DNA Jul 2011
Artificial intelligence to detect and characterise internal flaws in aircraft Jul 2011
Norvig vs. Chomsky and the Fight for the Future of AI Jul 2011
The Singularity Just Got A Lot Closer Jun 2011
Unthinking Machines May 2011
At Immersive Labs, Ads Watch Who Looks At Them (VIDEO) Apr 2011
Watson, the Computer Jeopardy! Champion, and the Future of Artificial Intelligence Mar 2011
Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence Mar 2011
Anything You Can Do, Robots Can Do Better (part 1 of 3 parts) Feb 2011
Can a Computer Do a Lawyer's Job? (part 2 of 3 parts) Feb 2011
Artificial Intelligence Is the Next Killer App (part 3 of 3 parts) Feb 2011
TinMan Systems Unveils Break-through Software for Designing and Deploying Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Jan 2011
Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You Jan 2011
The A.I. Revolution Is On Dec 2010
FBI hopes computers can help catch serial killers Nov 2010
ARIES: ARtificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services Nov 2010
Artificial Intelligence Thwarting Fraud at Financial Institutions Oct 2010
Artificial intelligence has a feel for laboratory science Oct 2010
Artificial Intelligence Goes Mobile Sep 2010
AI's Time Has Arrived Sep 2010
Could self-aware cities be the first forms of artificial intelligence? Aug 2010
Foundation launches contest to develop AI physician Jul 2010
Artificial Intelligence for Improving Team Sports Jul 2010
There's Nothing Elementary About IBM's Remarkable Watson Jun 2010
An AI Physician On Every Smartphone? An Xprize Challenge Jun 2010
Scope of AI in Business Jun 2010
Web 3.0, A Witness Protection Program For Artificial Intelligence May 2010
UAB’s Braintrust Adds Artificial Intelligence to Fraud Fight May 2010
Look, no hands: Cars that drive better than you Apr 2010
Can we make a conscious machine? Apr 2010
The Rapidly Evolving Automated Lab Mar 2010
Virtual Musicians, Real Performances: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Music Mar 2010
Windows & .NET Watch: AIn't happening  Feb 2010
How Long Till Human-Level AI? Feb 2010
Build An Optimal Scientist, Then Retire Feb 2010
MIT Plans to Rebuild Artificial Intelligence from the Ground Up Dec 2009
Michio Kaku On Artificial Intelligence Nov 2009
Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything Oct 2009
Researchers Probe Computer 'Commonsense Knowledge' Oct 2009
Google Analytics Now More Powerful, Flexible And Intelligent Oct 2009
Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Systems Aim to Replace Security Guards Oct 2009
Autonomy Without Intelligence? Aug 2009
NASA system warns of turbulence ahead Aug 2009
Computers with Commonsense: Artificial Intelligence at the MIT Round Table Aug 2009
Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Mechanics (video) Aug 2009
Frank Rose Forecasts Artificial Intelligence (video) Jul 2009
Artificial Intelligence Arrives (video) Jul 2009
Artificial Intelligence in the C-Suite Jul 2009
A Time For AI Jun 2009
Forbes Artificial Intelligence Report (several articles) Jun 2009
Artificial life 'could be created within five years' Apr 2009
AI to expose unscrupulous bankers Apr 2009
Computer Program to Take On ‘Jeopardy!’  Apr 2009
AI in the Enterprise Mar 2009
Convergence: AI Panel (video) Mar 2009
Artificial intelligence -- child’s play! Feb 2009
SMEs could save millions Feb 2009
Stimulus Funds Will Go Toward New Data Center For Social Security Administration  Feb 2009
Did You Get My Resume? Feb 2009
A.I. comes of age Jan 2009
BT to put Artificial Intelligence in its network Aug 2008
Cornell Student Releases the First Website with a Brain - Aug 2008
AI helps Measure Success of Aspiring Police Officers and Firefighters Jul 2008
Scientists: Humans and machines will merge in future Jul 2008
AI Gets Real (slideshow with text) Jun 2008
Whatever Happened to AI? Jun 2008
Artificial intelligence helps explore Mars May 2008
Intelligent Computers See Your Human Traits May 2008
Automation could speed VA claims Feb 2008
The AI Chasers Feb 2008
Creativity – The Last Human Stronghold? Dec 2007
What is artificial intelligence? Nov 2007
AI Meets the Metaverse: Teachable AI Agents Living in Virtual Worlds  Oct 2007
Virtual worlds making artificial intelligence apps 'smarter' Sep 2007
Cognitive Revolution: Integrating Computing, Nanotech, Simulation And You Aug 2007
What Humans Do With AI (video) Aug 2007
Sharing a joke could help man and robot interact Aug 2007
Why Care about Artificial Intelligence?  Jul 2007
Artificial Intelligence Is Lost in the Woods (can be podcast also - Tech Review) Jun 2007
Signs That Can See May 2007
Library of Congress to Outsource Auxiliary Cataloging Functions Apr 2007
Artificial intelligence within our lifetime? No idle speculation Mar 2007
AI and the Legal Profession (pages 14-22) Feb 2007
Vantage Learning Shatters Online Education Testing Record Jan 2007
Interview with Marvin Minsky Jan 2007
Artificial Intelligence Used to Grade Medical School Tests Jan 2007
News at Seven Jan 2007
AI matches candidates to jobs Nov 2006
Computers vs. Common Sense (video) Jul 2006
Electric Thoughts Apr 2006
Is AI Near a Take-Off Point Apr 2006
AI Revisited April 2005
Whatever Happened to Machines that Think? April 2005
AI's Next Brain Wave April 2005
Researchers Develop Computer with Enhanced 'Artificial Intelligence' April 2005
TRN Top Stories for the First Half of 2005 June 2005