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Microsoft working on virtual assistants that can answer 'Why' questions Jan 2014
Personhood Beyond the Human: Bina48 Jan 2014
Google Wants To Build The Ultimate Personal Assistant Dec 2013
Microsoft's Cortana to Battle Siri Sep 2013
The Avatar Will See You Now Jun 2013
How Virtual Characters are Getting Smart Mar 2013
Digital Talking Head Expresses Human Emotions On Demand Mar 2013
AI game bot HUNTS DOWN ENEMIES, passes Turing Test Oct 2012
Global App Giant Makes Push for US Market With Personalized 3D Virtual Assistant Aug 2012
Avatars on the border Aug 2012
Introducing Nina, the Virtual Assistant for Mobile Customer apps Aug 2012
Siri's New Cousin Works as a Bank Teller Jul 2012
How You Can Be Two Places at Once May 2012
Social Intelligence Apr 2012
Next Frontier: Tech You Can Talk With Mar 2012
Three Conversations with Computers Mar 2012
Hold Your Own Presidential Debate with Virtual AI Representations of the 2012 US Presidential Candidates. Feb 2012
Siri for Android -- sort of Nov 2011
'Siri, Is there an Alternative?' Oct 2011
Speaking 'robots' can teach English 24-hours a day Sep 2011
Software tricks people into thinking it is human Sep 2011
Viral video: what happens when two chatbots have a conversation Aug 2011
Seeing the Future of the Office Internet Aug 2011
Non-human DJ gets radio gig Aug 2011
Every firm will have artificial intelligence employees Jul 2011
The Virtual Strategist Jun 2011
Quiet 'socialbot' quickly gains a following Mar 2011
VirtuOz Virtual Agents Processed New Record of 144 Million Conversations in 2010 Feb 2011
Why ignoring artificial intelligence is virtual insanity Nov 2010
Chatbot Wears Down Proponents of Anti-Science Nonsense Nov 2010
Prizewinning chatbot steers the conversation Oct 2010
Bilingual 'Roboceptionist' Identifies Cultural Cues for Personalized Conversations Oct 2010
Need a Virtual BFF? There's An App for That Oct 2010
SalesClark Oct 2010
Virtual Tutors: NC State Receives Grant To Study Artificial Intelligence In The Classroom Sep 2010
"The Age of Assistants": The View From Inside SRI Aug 2010
Virtual Agents Will Replace Live Customer Service Reps Jul 2010
Technology Innovator’s Mobile Move Jul 2010
'Virtual human' Milo comes out to play at TED in Oxford Jul 2010
Computers Learn to Listen, and Some Talk Back Jun 2010
Counterinsurgency Training by ‘Virtual Human’ Jun 2010
The New Face of Autism Therapy Jun 2010
eBay Inc. Offers intelligent customer support Apr 2010
Intelligent Automated Software Picks up Women Online Mar 2010
PopSci's Future Of: Cleverbot Dec 2009
'Artificial intelligence' 221b Sherlock Holmes game Dec 2009
A.I. Anchors Replace Human Reporters In Newsroom of the Future Nov 2009
Situational Interaction (video) Nov 2009
Pandorabots Announces the Availability of Bespoke Pandorabots SpellBinderTM Service Oct 2009
The Next Best Thing to You May 2009
Elbot Wins Competition for Human-Like Computers Oct 2008
Microsoft demos robotic receptionist Jul 2008
Artificial Intelligence from intellichat™ Finds 'Missing Link' In Internet Sales and e-commerce  Jul 2008
Ben Franklin Bot Apr 2008
Virtual Eve: first in human computer interaction  (link to video) Nov 2007
New Artificial Intelligence Teaches Language To Consumers July 2007
I Chat, Therefore I Am... Jun 2007
Virtual tutor adapts to student's limitations Apr 2007
Newton, Einstein go Digital Apr 2007
Handheld 'Smart' Museum Guide Unveiled Feb 2007
The New Army Recruiter Who Never Goes to Sleep Jan 2007

How to be Human

Sep 2006
Wine Bot Sep 2006
Would you buy insurance from this Avatar? Sep 2006
AI Beats Human Intelligence on Yahoo Answer Site Jul 2006
Let a Chatbot Help You Quit Jun 2006
Teens Get a Virtual Nightclub Jun 2006
Virtual Robot Psychoanalyst Hangs Online Shingle Jan 2006
Pardon Me, But the Art is Mouthing Off Dec 2005
Virtual Tutors Oct 2005
Artificial Intelligence Alive and Well Jan 2005
SPLEAK IM Bot  Oct 2004
Synthetix Virtual Advisor on Eye Surgery  Jun 2004