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Can Technology Fix Medicine? Jul 2014
Hospitals Are Mining Patients' Credit Card Data to Predict Who Will Get Sick Jul 2014
Data Mining 200 Years of Patent Office Records To Reveal The Nature of Invention Jun 2014
Predictobot Jun 2014
How To Predict A Lifetime Of Diseases Jun 2014
Untapped Opportunities In AI Jun 2014
The Well-Rounded Data Scientist Apr 2014
IBM Investing $1 Billion To Turn Watson Loose on Big Data Jan 2014
Amazon Wants to Ship Your Package Before You Buy It Jan 2014
Big Data and the Virtues of Transparency (Part 1) Jan 2014
Software Mines Science Papers to Make New Discoveries Nov 2013
Genetic Link to Skin Cancer Found in Medical Records Nov 2013
Your lawyer is a robot Nov 2013
The Predictive Maths Of War Oct 2013
A Hospital Takes Its Own Big-Data Medicine Oct 2013
Now data scientists think they can change the world Jun 2013
Stephen Wolfram on Personal Analytics May 2013
With Personal Data, Predictive Apps Stay a Step Ahead May 2013
New Algorithm Helps Evaluate, Rank Scientific Literature Apr 2013
Pop Goes the Algorithm Apr 2013
Wolfram Alpha will soon be able to read your mind Mar 2013
Gadget Gets Under the Hood to Bring Analytics to Driving Mar 2013
Unreported Side Effects of Drugs Are Found Using Internet Search Data, Study Finds Mar 2013
KPC superbug at an NIH hospital Feb 2013
New System to Speed Up DNA Analysis Feb 2013
Numenta’s Brain-Inspired Software Adds Smarts to the Grid Feb 2013
7 Top Business Intelligence Trends For 2013 Jan 2013
New Analytics Service Applause Ranks App Quality Jan 2013
Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide to Transforming the Business of Government Nov 2012
The rise of human-computer cooperation Sep 2012
Your Laptop Can Now Analyze Big Data Jul 2012
MIT, Intel unveil new initiatives addressing 'big data' Jun 2012
A Delicate Balance: Organizational barriers to evidence-based management Jun 2012
Text mining: what do publishers have against this hi-tech research tool? May 2012
Data analytics driving medical breakthroughs Apr 2012
Can big data fix a broken system for software patents? Mar 2012
Microsoft Builds a Browser for Your Past Mar 2012
IBM’s Watson to Help Memorial Sloan-Kettering With Cancer Mar 2012
Data Analysis for the People Feb 2012
Watson's New Job: IBM Salesman Feb 2012
Tool Mines Data to Determine Both Patterns, Correlation Strength Jan 2012
University adopts predictive technology Nov 2011
Mining Data for Better Medicine Sep 2011
By Aligning Databases, Scientists Match Old Drugs with New Diseases Aug 2011
Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software Mar 2011
Empowering Decision Making in the Rank and File (video) Oct 2010
Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring Jul 2010
Searching for conflicts of interest Jun 2010
Turning Math into Cash Feb 2010
Gates, Ozzie, Microsoft execs patent 'personal data mining' Feb 2010
Disease-Matching Software Could Save Children Nov 2009
Google Envisions 10 Million Servers Oct 2009
On the digital front line of policing Sep 2009
Operational Business Intelligence: State of the Art (report, may have to login at for free to access) Aug 2009
How Europeans are Using Data Mining May 2009
Companies mine Web clues for signs of pandemics May 2009
Deep Throat Meets Data Mining Apr 2009
A Smarter Way to Dig Up Experts Apr 2009
DARPA AI will trawl petabytes of UAV vid for enemy cows Apr 2009
BI Pays Off (Free until May 1 - registration required) Mar 2009
Data mining promises to dig up new drugs  Feb 2009
Tesco: 'Wal-Mart's Worst Nightmare' Jan 2009
When Everyone Can Mine Your Data  Dec2008
2008 Data Miner Survey:  Oct 2008
Counterterrorism Programs That Collect and Mine Data Oct 2008
Medical data 'Internet' goes live, boosts research Oct 2008
World Wide Wellness: Online Database Keeps Tabs on Emerging Health Threats Jul 2008
Geospatial Data Mining for Market Intelligence (podcast available) Jul 2008
Feeding the Masses: Data In, Crop Predictions Out Jul 2008
Free medical tool tackles disease Jun 2008
The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete Jun 2008
Breakthroughs in Analytics, Part 1 May 2008
New Search Engine Paradigm for Charting and Analysis of Statistical and Numerical Data Apr 2008
Precision Medical Data Mining Apr 2008
Fetch Launches Footprint Employee Data Services Apr 2008
A New Approach to Content Management Apr 2008
Warning on Storage of Health Records Apr 2008 Aims to Distill Evidence Based Medicine into 1 Mouse Click Nov 2007
'Dark Web' Project Takes On Cyber-Terrorism Oct 2007
Make data smarter Oct 2007
Smart DocumentReader classifies all kinds of incoming mail  Jun 2007
New System Solves the 'Who is J. Smith Puzzle'  Jan 2007
Doctors using Google to diagnose illnesses Nov 2006
UCI Researchers Text Mine the NY Times Aug 2006
Feds Sharpen Secret Tools for Data Mining Jul 2006
Digging for Data That Can Change Our World Jan 2006
Diving Deep into the Web Aug 2005
Data Mining to Prevent Terriorist Attacks Jul 2005