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Date Posted
Helping women answer the question "Do I need to see a doctor?" Jul 2012
Computer Predicts Rice Growth, Advises Farmers Oct 2010
Don’t Tell the Creative Department, but Software Can Produce Ads, Too Sep 2010
Artificial Intelligence Added to Medloom Clinical Decision Support System  Jun 2010
Knowledge Engineering 2010 Mar 2010
Rules-based innovation Aug 2009
BestInClass Tries To Help Consumers Find The Perfect Digital Camera Apr 2009
Expert System Helps the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage Understand the True Meaning of Visitors' Search Terms and Provide Quick, Accurate Responses  Aug 2008
Centrelink relies on artificial intelligence Aug 2008
Expert System Helps "Autostrade per l'Italia" Sort, Classify and Streamline Email Traffic Jul 2008
Remote weather stations give farmers timely advice Jul 2008
STOP terrorism software Feb 2008
Nymbler: the newest baby name toy Dec 2007
New Software Product Benefits Employment Law Practitioners And Their Clients July 2007
Logical Endings Mar 2007
AI Programs Must Sit for the Bar Like Everyone Else Mar 2007
The Next Generation in Retail Automotive Technology Feb 2007
More Expert Systems Migrate To Handheld Devices  Nov 2006
NASA to Test Automated DAME Jul 2006
EULAlyzer Analyzes License Agreements Jan 2006
AI Bar Jan 2006
Legal Advice by 2015 with Expert Systems Nov 2005
AI to Find the Best Car Warranty Aug 2005
Expert System for Digital Photos Jul 2005
BIO-key and Realinterface to Offer Threat Assessment Solution May 2005
Everest Climber Aims High With City Software Apr 2005
Logging On To Your Lawyer Mar 2005