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Anticipating 2025: A guide to the radical changes that may lie ahead, whether or not we’re ready Jul 2014
A history of the future in 100 objects Jul 2014
Mid-century Earth: a brief glance at our future in 36 years Jun 2014
Wild ride ahead: glimpse at humanity’s long range future Jun 2014
The Future Show May 2014
The Millenium Project May 2014
Your nanorobotics future May 2014
AT&T Innovation Showcase Highlights a Changing Carrier May 2014
10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2014 May 2014
Why Tomorrow Won't Look Like Today: Things that Will Blow Your Mind May 2014
Where Will the Century of Biology Lead Us? Apr 2014
Top ten emerging technologies which will change your life Apr 2014
10 Tech Trends That Will Transform Your Industry Apr 2014
Google Wants to Make ‘Science Fiction’ a Reality—And That’s Limiting Their Imagination Apr 2014
Prototypes will soon take over the world Mar 2014
Digital Life in 2015 Mar 2014
The Technological Singularity @ LOSCON 39 with David Brin, Phil Osborn, Vernor Vinge, Mitch Wagner (video) Feb 2014
The Futurist Magazine's Top Ten Forecasts for 2014 and Beyond Jan 2014
Life in the 2050's Jan 2014
Coherency in Contradiction: Report 5 of the Shift Index Series Dec 2013
IBM Reveals 5 Smart Technology Trends for Next 5 Years
(video at:
Dec 2013
The Ten Most Fascinating and Provocative if not Alarming Technology Trends Dec 2013
10 Mega Trends In Tech For 2014 Dec 2013
Which technologies will have the biggest impact by 2025? Nov 2013
The world according to Itskov: Futurists convene at GF2045 (Part 1) Nov 2013
The world according to Itskov: Futurists convene at GF2045 (Part 2) Nov 2013
2013-2063: trekking through the next 50 years Nov 2013
Dr. Michio Kaku Visions of the Future - The Quantum Revolution Nov 2013
The Future of Devices - Dan Abelow's Keynote Oct 2013
Craig Venter: 'This isn't a fantasy look at the future. We are doing the future' Oct 2013
The Future (According to Corporations) Oct 2013
2013-2063: Trekking through the next 50 years Sep 2013
2030s Cognitive Machines: a glimpse of life in a future wonderworld Sep 2013
DARPA to Genetically Engineer Humans by Adding a 47th Chromosome Aug 2013
Pictures of the Future Jul 2013
McKinsey Global Institute disruptive technologies full report Jun 2013
Immortality by 2035? Jun 2013
Global Future 2045 videos (2012 conference) Jun 2013
Charting technology’s new directions: A conversation with MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson May 2013
Operating room of the future May 2013
Outlook 2031: Five trends primed to shape the world's economy profoundly May 2013
What the future looks like inside the lab that brought us Siri, the mouse, and the Internet itself May 2013
Michio Kaku: What does the future look like? May 2013
Five trends are primed to shape the world economy profoundly in the decades to come May 2013
The future of wireless power: Tables that charge your phone and parking lots that juice your hybrid May 2013
Disruptive Technologies May 2013
Science and a new kind of prediction: An interview with Stephen Wolfram Apr 2013
The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business Apr 2013
Six 'Megatrends' That Will Shape The Future Of Digital Media Apr 2013
The Gene Machine and Me Feb 2013
IBM predicts computers will touch, taste, smell, hear and see in 5 years. Jan 2013
A real-life ‘holodeck’ in 10 years? Less far-fetched than you think Jan 2013
The Future Report Dec 2012
The 22nd Century at First Light: Envisioning Life in the Year 2100 Dec 2012
Vision of the future: 10 hi-tech inventions we'll hopefully be using in 2030 Nov 2012
50 Technologies that will Change the World Nov 2012
20 Forecasts for 2013-2025 Nov 2012
How the Internet of Everything Will Change the World…for the Better Nov 2012
Human enhancement and the future of work Nov 2012
THE FUTURIST Magazine Releases Its Top 10 Forecasts for 2013 and Beyond Oct 2012
Timeline to the 22nd Century Sep 2012
Sci-Fi writers of the past predict life in 2012 Aug 2012
What is Life? A twentieth century perspective (video) Aug 2012
The 22nd Century at First Light: Envisioning Life in the Year 2100 Aug 2012
The '2045 Initiative' Says Immortality Will Come Via Brain Computers And Hologram Bodies In 30 Years Aug 2012
Imagining the Internet Jul 2012
What will the World look like in 2025? Jul 2012
The Future of X: several experts' views on technologies of the future Jul 2012
Will our kids be a different species? (TED talk) Jun 2012
2045: A New Era for Humanity (video) Jun 2012
The Abundance Builders (excerpt from book, "Abundance") Jun 2012
Preview of Future Inventions—Futurists: BetaLaunch 2012 Jun 2012
Back to the future at the TTM symposium Jun 2012
10 Technologies You Will Be Using in Five Years Jun 2012
The home of the future takes one step closer as AlertMe smart home tech partners with British Gas May 2012
Looking to the Future of A New Kind of Science May 2012
Thomas Sterling: 'I Think We Will Never Reach Zettaflops' May 2012
High speed tube transport concept can take you from New York to China in two hours May 2012
Let’s Play Predict the Future: Where Is Science Going Over the Next 30 Years? Mar 2012
When Death Becomes Optional Mar 2012
Abundance is our Future (TED Video) Mar 2012
Georgy Dvorsky: The Future and You (three parts) Mar 2012
The Human Genome, Sequenced: Predicting the Future of DNA Tech Mar 2012
Living in the deep future Mar 2012
Happy Future Day! March 1st, 2012 Marks the Start of this Soon to be Great Tradition. Mar 2012
Accenture Technology Vision 2012 Feb 2012
Technology-Driven Trends for 2012 Feb 2012
The top 10 emerging technologies for 2012 Feb 2012
Will we ever... grow organs? Feb 2012
20 Big Ideas for 2012, Part One Jan 2012
20 Big Ideas for 2012, Part Two Jan 2012
20 Big Ideas for 2012, Part Three Jan 2012
20 Big Ideas for 2012, Part Four Jan 2012
Why The Future Will Be Much Better Than You Think Jan 2012
Next 5 In 5: IBM Predicts Mind-Reading Computers Of The Future (VIDEO) Jan 2012
An Optimistic History of the Next 40 Years Jan 2012
Fortune's guide to the future Jan 2012
Silicon Valley VCs predict the top trends for 2012 Jan 2012
2012 predictions Jan 2012
Tech in 2012: Face-offs, failures and fairly big changes at the office Jan 2012
Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now Jan 2012
The Road to 2050 (Part I) Dec 2011
Real Values and Their Role in Global Governance (Part II) Dec 2011
Global Governance and the Role of Markets (Part III) Dec 2011
Employment and Ecology: The Twin Challenges for Humanity (Part IV) Dec 2011
The Future is Now (keynote presentation by Michael Zappa) Dec 2011
The Future of Computing Dec 2011
Get ready for the supercomputer that can predict the future Dec 2011
Microsoft futuristic concept home Oct 2011
Microsoft offers a glimpse into the future of productivity Oct 2011
Singularity Summit 2011 Dmitry Itskov speaking on Project 'Immortality 2045' -- Russian Experience. Oct 2011
Get Ready for a New Human Species Oct 2011
Future Shock Levels Oct 2011
Driverless Tractors & Farmer Drones of the Future (Video) Sep 2011
World’s first hydrogen fueling station powered by sewage opens in California Aug 2011
Five Technologies That Will Change the World (and One That Won't) Jul 2011
10 Technologies That Will Change the World in the Next 10 Years Jul 2011
Strategies for the Technology Revolution: Applying Techcast Results Jul 2011
4 Trends Shaping the Emerging “Superfluid” Economy May 2011
The Possible Discovery of the Higgs Will Shake the Foundations of Physics Apr 2011
Programming Regret for Google Apr 2011
AT&T 1993-1994 'You Will' Ad Campaign Compilation - All 7 Ads Mar 2011
Michio Kaku on "Physics of the Future" (podcast) Mar 2011
20 predictions for the next 25 years Jan 2011
The Transhuman Security Dilemma Jan 2011
Why Do We Need Predictions? Jan 2011
IBM Makes 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years Dec 2010
Kevin Kelly: What Technology Wants (video) Dec 2010
Gartner Reveals Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2011 and Beyond Dec 2010
Interview with the head of IBM's Emerging Technology Group Nov 2010
Brain-bots 'in ten years' Oct 2010
Kevin Kelly on technology evolving beyond us (mp3) Oct 2010
Future Shock Author Toffler Looks At Trends For Next 40 Years Oct 2010
What will this next decade look like? Sep 2010
The Future of Music Technology Aug 2010
Full Emersion in the Cyberworld is Coming Jul 2010
The Best Way to Predict the Future (video) Jun 2010
DARPA Looks to Make a Flying Car Apr 2010
Your Life In 2020 Apr 2010
Welcome to the Future Mar 2010
Top Ten Forecasts, 2010 and Beyond.mpg Jan 2010
2020 Vision: Why you won't recognize the 'Net in 10 years Jan 2010
Ten emerging technology trends to watch over the next decade Dec 2009
The next medical frontier: nano-surgery Dec 2009
2010 Predictions Dec 2009
Our devices will spin denser webs of data in 2010s Dec 2009
Grow your own body parts? The future is now Dec 2009
For 2010, IDC Predicts an Apple iPad and Battles in the Cloud Dec 2009
Future Interfaces: Gestures, Light and the BiDi Screen (includes video) Dec 2009
Singularity University Videos of Future technologies Nov 2009
Tomorrow's world: The gizmos about to change the way we live Oct 2009
Five Technologies That Could Change Everything Oct 2009
In the Year 2020, Part I: Cloud Computing Oct 2009
10 Technology Products That Will Become a Checkbox Item Sep 2009
2009 State of the Future Report is now available. Aug 2009
Autonomous Systems: Social, Legal and Ethical Issues Aug 2009
Technology On Way To Forecasting Humanity's Needs Jul 2009
Augmented Reality and Ethical Futurism (podcast) Jul 2009
2009+: 10 Trends: Predictions & Provocations May 2009
Five Technologies Tim O'Reilly Says Point Past Web 2.0 Apr 2009
Microsoft Mapping Course to a Jetsons-Style Future  Apr 2009
Top predictions for the future: 1-10  Apr 2009
Sentience Driving Software can reduce Fuel Usage 5-24% Starting in 2012 Apr 2009
Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis (video) Feb 2009
Singularity, Part 2 Feb 2009
Singularity, Part 1 Feb 2009
Top Ten Forecasts for 2009 and Beyond Jan 2009
Singularity Summit Videos Jan 2009
Singularity Summit 2008 Reviewed Jan 2009
Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World Dec 2008
The Age of Transitions Dec 2008
The Day You Discard Your Body Dec 2008
Reports: Internet Evolution Dec 2008
Starwars style holographic 3DTV could be a reality by 2018, experts say Dec 2008
Expectation of Machine Intelligence Could Change Social Behavior, Says Economist Nov 2008
Singularity Summit Reviewed Nov 2008
IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in the Next Five Years Nov 2008
Five Thousand Bucks for Your Genome Oct 2008
Towards tomorrow Oct 2008
The Coming Convergence (podcast) Oct 2008
Superstruct: Massively parallel forecasting game Oct 2008
Using Biomedicine To Enhance Ourselves Sep 2008
Japan hopes to turn sci-fi into reality with elevator to the stars Sep 2008
Emerging Tech Conference at MIT Sep 2008
Changing the Nature of Human Beings Aug 2008
The Future of the Desktop (Spivak) Aug 2008
Bio-Nano will dominate the 21st century according to this ASME report. Aug 2008
Kevin Warwick - "I, Cyborg": Implants, RFID, Microchips & Cybernetics (audio file) Jul 2008
Supermarket of the future (video) Jul 2008
The Future of the Web Jun 2008
50 years from now: Big brains have big ideas for what lies ahead May 2008
The future ain't what it used to be May 2008
Fifty years of DARPA: Hits, misses and ones to watch, part II May 2008
Disruptive Civil Technologies: Six Technologies with Potential Impacts on US Interests out to 2025 Apr 2008
Being Human Report  Apr 2008
The Future Is Now Apr 2008
Future Blogger website Mar 2008
DARPA chief outlines array of future networking projects Mar 2008
Learning from the future  (podcast) Feb 2008
Thinking About Tomorrow Feb 2008
The Next 25 Years in Tech Feb 2008
Visions of the Future (video, first part of 19 parts) Jan 2008
Gates hails age of digital senses Jan 2008
IBM dishes five predictions for the future Jan 2008
Networked, Smarter Homes (includes video) Dec 2007
Intelligence Revolution (video) Dec 2007
10 More Future Web Trends Nov 2007
10 Future Web Trends Nov 2007
The future is here right now, if you can read the signs Oct 2007
BT Technology Timeline 2006 - 2051 Oct 2007
BT Futurist: AI entities will win Nobel prizes by 2020 Oct 2007
Top Ten Forecasts for 2008 and beyond Oct 2007
Summary of the Singularity Conference Sep 2007 Sep 2007
10 Future Web Trends Sep 2007
Interview with Hugo de Garis Aug 2007
Meetings (and Society) Forty Years from Now. Aug 2007
Metaverse Roadmap Jul 2007
Second Earth Jun 2007
The Day the World Ends Jun 2007
Scientists Apply for First Patent on Synthetic Life Form  Jun 2007
The Future, Actually Jun 2007
The Cyborg Comes to Second Life Jun 2007
he Tech Lab: Niklas Zennstroem  Jun 2007
Wisdom Through Neural Macrosensing May 2007
Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future Apr 2007
Ten Emerging Technologies for 2007 Mar 2007
Marvin Minsky on the Future of AI (podcast) Mar 2007
DARPA Chief Speaks Feb 2007
The Third Generation Web is Coming Feb 2007
Must Know Terms for the 21st Century: Redux Jan 2007
Human Survival is Now Dependent on Computer Code Nov 2006
Stephen Thaler: In Its Image (video) Oct 2006
PC World 100 Fearless Forecasts Oct 2006

Iam Pearson Interview

Sep 2006
Quick Study on Singularity Aug 2006
Man-Machine Merger Arriving Sooner Than You Think(podcast) Jul 2006
Are We Enlightened Guardians or Apes Designing Humans May 2006
The Future of the Internet Apr 2006
Foresight 2020: Economic, Industry, and Corporate Trends Apr 2006
Man vs. Machine Apr 2006
2020: The Future of Computing Mar 2006
CNN Looks at the Future (videos) Mar 2006
More Ian Pearson Predicts Feb 2006
Ian Pearson Predicts Feb 2006
15 Tech Concepts You Will Need to Know for 2006 Feb 2006
Top Ten Trends for 2006 Jan 2006
Human Performance Enhancement 2032 Sep 2005
The Tomorrow People Aug 2005
CEO Tech Toolbox Aug 2005
Future Predictions from BT Aug 2005
Futuristic Ideas Aug 2005
The Future of Medicine in the Age of Biotech Aug 2005
10 Most Important Emerging Technologies for Humanity Jul 2005
Teleporting: Express Lane Space Travel Jul 2005
Teleporting Over the Internet Jun 2005
Digital Immortality - Download the mind by 2050 May 2005
Sign-up for the Next Big Thing and the Technologies to Move You Ahead of the Curve May 2005
The Human Strain May 2005
The Next Wave of Disruptive Technologies May 2005
2050: Twelve Predictions for What May Come Apr 2005
In the Year 2025 Mar 2005
More Than Human Jan 2005