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Computers will be like humans by 2029 Jun 2014
Biologically inspired models of intelligence Jun 2014
Get ready for hybrid thinking Jun 2014
Ray Kurzweil Animation - Igloo Animations - What is Singularity in 1 Mar 2014
A review of Her by Ray Kurzweil Mar 2014
Technology and the New, Improved You Feb 2014
What the singularity will mean at the office Feb 2014
Humanity in jeopardy Jan 2014
Ray Kurzweil: This is your future Dec 2013
When It Comes to Scale, It's Advantage Computers Dec 2013
The Race for Immortality Nov 2013
book review | Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era Oct 2013
Kurzweil interview on the Dick Morris show (audio) Oct 2013
The Singularity Of Ray Kurzweil Aug 2013
Computers That You Eat (or That Eat You?) Jun 2013
Ray Kurzweil: What does the future look like? May 2013
Father and Son Peer Into the Future of Tech Mar 2013
Indefinite lifespan in 20 years, expert predicts Jan 2013
Ray Kurzweil Plans to Create a Mind at Google—and Have It Serve You Jan 2013
Ray Kurzweil, Father Of The Singularity, Is Going To Work At Google Dec 2012
How to Create a Mind, The Secret of Human Thought Revealed Nov 2012
Kurzweil Responds: Don't Underestimate the Singularity Nov 2012
17 years until the Singularity: A conversation with futurist Ray Kurzweil Oct 2012
Ray Kurzweil talks about human brains, AI and Watson Oct 2012
Robot Professors Come With Singularity University’s Massive Upgrade Sep 2012
Hugo de Garis on Singularity 1 on 1: Are We Building Gods or Terminators? (video) Jul 2012
Man or Machine? Jun 2012
What if we achieved The Singularity - but lawyers got there first? May 2012
Inside the Kurzweil SXSW Keynote Mar 2012
Singularity: How Scared Should We Be? Mar 2012
Ray Kurzweil at SXSW Mar 2012
The Six Epochs from The Singularity is Near Feb 2012
Michio Kaku, Singularity and an “A.I. Uprising” Dec 2011
Vernor Vinge says that when the Singularity happens, it will be "very obvious" Dec 2011
Singularity Summit 2011 Videos Now Online Nov 2011
Comprehensive List of All Singularity Summit Talks and Video Links Nov 2011
Ray Kurzweil: The Six Epochs of Technology Evolution Oct 2011
Singularity Summit 2011 videos Oct 2011
Paul Allen: The Singularity Isn't Near Oct 2011
Kurzweil Responds: Don't Underestimate the Singularity Oct 2011
Solar Will Power the World in 16 Years Apr 2011
Kurzweil on the Colbert report Apr 2011
Get Ready For A Computer In Your Brain Mar 2011
2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal Feb 2011
TRANSCENDENT MAN, Film Heralding the Coming Singularity, Launches February 2011 Jan 2011
10 Questions for Ray Kurzweil (video) Nov 2010
Education: Ten weeks to save the world Sep 2010
An Interview with Ray Kurzweil - May 2010 May 2010
At Singularity University, blowing minds and taking meetings Mar 2010
Ray Kurzweil: The h+ Interview Jan 2010
Ray Kurzweil tries to build a better e-reader Jan 2010
Top futurist, Ray Kurzweil, predicts how technology will change humanity by 2020 Dec 2009
Singularity University Executive Program: Ray Kurzweil’s Opening Address Nov 2009
By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain... Oct 2009
Ray Kurzweil Talks Transcendent Man at Tribeca Film Fest (included Movie trailer) May 2009
Interview with Kurzweil (audio) Apr 2009
Transcendentman (video trailer) Mar 2009
Google, NASA, Kurzweil take tech into the future with new university Feb 2009
Kurzweil Videos for download Nov 2008
The Future Is Now? Pretty Soon, at Least Jun 2008
Making the World A Billion Times Better Apr 2008
Get ready for a scary new world of life-enriching robot implants Feb 2008
The Future of AI (audio) Jan 2008
Ray Kurzweil talks about 'augmented reality' and The Singularity (part 1 of 3) Nov 2007
Singularity the Movie Nov 2007
The Age of Virtuous Machines Jun 2007
Videos from the Fall 2006 Singularity Summit Apr 2007
Artificial General Intelligence: Now is the Time Apr 2007
Foreword to the Intelligent Universe Mar 2007
Conscious computing debated at MIT anniversary event (video) Jan 2007
Creativity: the mind, machines, and mathematics (webcast) Dec 2006
In Depth: Ray Kurzweil (video) Nov 2006
Humanity, a Work in Progress (audio) Oct 2006
Singularities and Nightmares Apr 2006
Our Bodies, Our Technologies Mar 2006
Ubiquity Interviews Ray Kurzweil Jan 2006
IT Will be Everything Jan 2006
The Age of Radical Enhancement Jan 2006
Kurzweilnomics Oct 2005
Will the Future be a Trillion Times Better (Registration required) Oct 2005
Long Live AI Aug 2005
With Robots You Can Live Forever Jul 2005
Track 7 Tech Vectors to Take Advantage of the Future Jun 2005
What the Future will Bring Jun 2005
In Search of a Sixth Sense Apr 2005