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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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Will Virtual Reality Reshape Documentary Journalism? Jul 2014
Back to the future in the metaverse May 2014
Darpa Turns Oculus Into a Weapon for Cyberwar May 2014
Why Virtual Reality Will Compete with the Real World May 2014
Meta: Planets and 3D Printing Technical Demonstration Apr 2014
Virtual Reality Startups Look Back to the Future Mar 2014
How The Oculus Rift Is Helping NASA Find Life On Other Planets Mar 2014
Artist uses Google Glass to interact with museum visitors Feb 2014
Google announces Project Tango smartphone with Kinect-like 3D imaging sensors [VIDEO] Feb 2014
Augmented Reality Gets to Work Feb 2014
A Telepresence Machine to Watch the Kids or Visit Grandma Jan 2014
Can Oculus Rift Turn Virtual Wonder into Commercial Reality? Oct 2013
Seven Ways 3D Lidar Is Transforming Our Physical World Oct 2013
Reliving History: Virtual Reality in the Classroom Sep 2013
Intel to narrow the gap between virtual and reality Aug 2013
Virtual Tour Guide May Be Killer App for Google Glass Aug 2013
AR glasses let profs know if students are understanding their lectures Jul 2013
Rise Of The Telepresence Robots Jul 2013
Google Glass: Evernote, Gmail and New York Times Apps Shown at SXSW Jun 2013
Augmented Reality From MIT Media Lab May 2013
Oculus Rift Integration Coming to Second Life Apr 2013
Here's Something At CES That I Actually Want To See [Video] Jan 2013
What Sci-Fi Can Teach Us About the Present and Future of Information Jan 2013
Google Gets in Your Face Jan 2013
Augmented Light Bulb Turns a Desk Into a Touch Screen Nov 2012
Four Perspectives On Augmented Reality And Its Future Nov 2012
Ingress. The game. Nov 2012
A smartphone in your glasses Oct 2012
3 Great Augmented Reality Apps For Any Classroom Sep 2012
Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real Aug 2012
Disney Researchers Add Virtual Touch to the Real World Aug 2012
Augmented Reality, Wrapped Around Your Finger Aug 2012
First Deployments of Augmented Reality in Operating Rooms Aug 2012
How Augmented Reality will Change the way we Live Aug 2012
The Avatar Economy Jul 2012
Rapper's De-Light: Tupac 'Hologram' May Go on Tour May 2012
Life-size, 3D hologram-like telepods may revolutionize videoconferencing May 2012
Google's Project Glass: You ain't seen nothin' yet Apr 2012
Using Avatars to Understand Adverse Drug Reactions Mar 2012
Baseball cap head-up display Mar 2012
Blippar website Feb 2012
The Lens Of The Future Sees Much More Than What’s In Front Of You Feb 2012
Augmented reality promises astronauts instant medical knowhow Feb 2012
Surfing in 3D Feb 2012
Google to Release Augmented Reality Glasses Feb 2012
The Virtual Anatomy, Ready for Dissection Jan 2012
Take a tour of the virtual future at Stanford Jan 2012
The Virtual Nurse Will See You Now Nov 2011
Digital worlds can help autistic children to develop social skills Oct 2011
From No Doctor to E-Doctors in Rural India Sep 2011
Virtual Grocery Shopping Jul 2011
Control your home with thought alone Jul 2011
Augmented Reality iPad App Uses NASA Tech to Know Where You Are Jul 2011
Not in my backyard! App to spot eyesores in the making Jun 2011
Virtual Worlds: Immersive Training, Collaboration and Meetings Jun  2011
Augmented reality goes beyond gimmicks for business Jun 2011
Avanade Creates a Virtual Campus in Second Life May 2011
Point... and it will come alive: 'Harry Potter' mobile app that will make everything interactive Apr 2011
Awesome Augmented Reality App Could Save Librarians Hours Mar 2011
In Cybertherapy, Avatars Assist With Healing Nov 2010
Docomo's AR Walker is a virtual tour guide in a pair of glasses Oct 2010
Layar: Augmenting Reality via Smartphone Sep 2010
It's No Game: DOD Uses Virtual Reality to Treat PTSD Sep 2010
The worlds first augmented reality stamp Sep 2010
The world’s first mobile Augmented Reality Special Magazine Edition Sep 2010
Tagwhat Video Sep 2010
Japan mobile phone makers to roll out 'augmented reality' Aug 2010
Duke U School of Medicine Expands Virtual Game Use for Future Doctors Jul 2010
Virtual Reality hair cut simulator “Air-Hair” Jul 2010
Augmented Reality Business Going Global Jul 2010
How Augmented Reality Helps Doctors Save Lives Jun 2010
How iPhone 4 Could Change Augmented Reality Jun 2010
Code-Free Augmented Reality in Under 5 Minutes [VIDEO] May 2010
The real world of Second Life May 2010
Augmented reality puts the squeeze into virtual hugs (w/ Video) Apr 2010
Real-World Virtual Reality Mar 2010
GM Develops Augmented Reality Windshield Mar 2010
Reality Bytes Nov 2009
Virtual Goods Offer An Alternative To Material Consumption As Social Lives Move To Online Networks Nov 2009
Virtual Reality Helps Smokers Quit Nov 2009
'Virtual students' go to school without being in school Oct 2009
Faster Maintenance with Augmented Reality Oct 2009
Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens Sep 2009
US Dept of Defense - Scientists Use Virtual World to Support Troops Aug 2009
10 Smart Examples of Augmented Reality Aug 2009
Visual Time Machine Offers Tourists A Glimpse Of The Past Aug 2009
Virtual Worlds May Be the Future Setting of Scientific Collaboration Aug 2009
Physics brings realism to virtual reality Jul 2009
AI-powered customer support robots bring humAuan touch to virtual world Jul 2009
Cross Reality Will Change Your Life, But at What Cost to Your Privacy? Jul 2009
Layar Jun 2009
Virtual body parts take the guesswork out of medicine  Jun 2009
Finally, A Practical Use for Second Life Apr 2009
The first virtual reality technology to let you see, hear, smell, taste and touch Apr 2009
Developing a Second Life Operating Room Simulation Apr 2009
First-Ever Virtual-World Law School Application Workshop Feb 2009
Virtual World Research, Part 1: A Place to Experiment Jan 2009
Virtual World Research, Part 2: Reality in a Can Jan 2009
Second Life, where anything is possible (video) Dec 2008
Mars in 3-D: So detailed it's scary Dec 2008
A Realer Virtual World  Nov 2008
Virtual worlds set for second coming Nov 2008
Revolutionary Virtual Reality Training Originally Designed For The Army Oct 2008
Handicapped person in 2nd Life Oct 2008
Balancing act Sep 2008
3D Virtual Reality Environment Developed at UC San Diego Helps Scientists Innovate Sep 2008
Australian company launches 3D Internet tool (Update) Sep 2008
Curing the Wounds of Iraq with Virtual Therapy Sep 2008
Seabed archaeology goes virtual  Sep 2008
Texas State Tech To Deliver Digital Media Program via Second Life Aug 2008
She's not real!  
Texas State Tech To Deliver Digital Media Program via Second Life Aug 2008
Second Life used for virtual recruiting by State of Missouri Jul 2008
Doing Business Virtually -- Have Your Avatar Call My Avatar Jul 2008
Google Launches Virtual World Jul 2008
Linden Labs and IBM Break the Metaverse Barrier, Teleport Across Virtual Worlds Jul 2008
The Virtual World as Web Browser Jul 2008
Sneeze-sensing software gives avatars a good laugh (video available) Jul 2008
IEEE Ethics Contest Gets Second Life Jul 2008
'Virtual technology to boost success rate of clinical trials' Jun 2008
Virtual Walt Disney World Added To Google Earth Jun 2008
Paralysed man takes a walk in virtual world Jun 2008
On strike, virtually May 2008
Most Business-Launched Virtual Worlds Fail, Gartner Says May 2008
Virtual Iraq May 2008
Bringing Second Life To Life: Researchers Create Character With Reasoning Abilities of a Child (update to earlier March 2008 posting) May 2008
Virtual Environments For Hollywood, Military May 2008
Telstra chief hosts conference as hologram May 2008
Matrix-style virtual worlds 'a few years away' Apr 2008
Dreaming of a 3-D Web Apr 2008
One Avatar, Many Worlds Apr 2008
Peer-to-Peer Virtual Worlds Apr 2008
Researchers Create Character With Reasoning Abilities of a Child Mar 2008
What Can Virtual-World Economists Tell Us about Real-World Economies? Mar 2008
Avatar Mimics You in Real Time Mar 2008
Smart 'Lego' conjures up virtual 3D twin Feb 2008
Historical Maps in Second Life Feb 2008
Virtual World Workforce, Part 2: Real-Life Pitfalls Jan 2008
Virtual World Workforce, Part 1: Promising the World   Jan 2008
Nasa investigates virtual space Jan 2008
IBM virtual world defies laws of physics Dec 2007
French Navy Uses Second Life to Recruit Dec 2007
Disabled could think their way around Second Life Dec 2007
AI Meets the Metaverse: Teachable AI Agents Living in Virtual Worlds  Oct 2007
Second Life, other virtual worlds extending reach to mainstream Oct 2007
Virtual worlds making artificial intelligence apps 'smarter' Sep 2007
Cognitive Revolution: Integrating Computing, Nanotech, Simulation And You Aug 2007
A world wide web of terror Aug 2007
A Second Life For Businesses  Aug 2007
Burning the Virtual Shoe Leather Aug 2007
Virtual worlds: Perfect for studying humans? Aug 2007
Second life four part series Jul 2007
Tangible display makes 3D images touchable Jul 2007
Second Earth Jun 2007
Awaiting Real Sales From Virtual Shoppers  Jun 2007
The Cyborg Comes to Second Life Jun 2007
Researchers show off virtual human in 4D Jun 2007
Virtual Reality Worlds for Corporate, Healthcare, and Government May 2007
Harvard Professor Charles Nesson is Insane (video) May 2007
Virtual Reality for Virtual Eternity Apr 2007
The Mind-Bending New World Of Work Mar 2007
Second Life: Is Business Ready For Virtual Worlds? Mar 2007
New University Block Comes to Second Life Feb 2007
Sweden to Open First Virtual Embassy Jan 2007
Virtual Reality Spreading in the Business World Jan 2007
Human Avatar Plays a Competitive Game of Table Tennis Jan 2007
A 'Second Life' for Big Business Jan 2007
Hyperlinking to the Real World Dec 2006
IBM to Open Islands in Virtual World  Dec 2006
Transforming a 2D image into 3D (video) Nov 2006
IBM Accelerates Push into 3-D Virtual World Nov 2006
Virtual worlds are moving toward commercial reality  Nov 2006
IBM's chief steps into 'Second Life' for incubator launch Nov 2006
Reuters opens virtual news bureau in Second Life Oct 2006
Article on 2nd Life Oct 2006
'Augmented reality' glasses tackle tunnel vision  Sep 2006
Harvard to Offer Its First Course in a 'Virtual World' Aug 2006
Virtual Soldier (video) Mar 2006
Virtual Reality Interface for SEMasphere Jan 2006
Virtual Weather People Dec 2005
Online Virtual World Civics Experiment Nov 2005
It Knows Where You Are Jul 2005
Camera Sees Behind Objects Jun 2005
Treating Traumatized Soldiers With Virtual Reality Apr 2005
Total Immersion (video) Jan 2005