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Social networks make us smarter

Nov 2013
Twitter Datastream Used to Predict Flu Outbreaks Oct 2013
Patients Take Control of Their Health Care Online Sep 2013
Chatter Will Become Primary Interface For Salesforce Mar 2013
Blogs: vastly underused teaching and learning tool Dec 2012
The 30 Best Web 2.0 Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition) Nov 2012
Chirpify: Buy, Sell, Donate With Your Twitter Account Oct 2012
How To Filter The Social Web, Part 1: Webicina Sep 2012
How To Filter The Social Web, Part 2: Reddit Sep 2012 for iPhone Makes Friends the Editors of Twitter & Facebook Jul 2012
Hoo-ah: How the US Army Has Become a Social Media Leader Feb 2012
If this, then that. Jan 2012
Yes folks, it’s artificial artificial artificial intelligence Dec 2011
Bottlenose has launched! Dec 2011
A Social Network that Pays You Nov 2011
Diplomats use wikis and blogs to share vital information Sep 2011
Mobile apps are reshaping government services and operations Aug 2011
More Than 1 Million Download Socialcam So They Can Share iPhone Video Instantly Aug 2011
VA promotes social media use with new policy Aug 2011
FBI releases new iPhone app for identifying missing children Aug 2011
Army Seeks Recruits in Social Media May 2011
LOC National Jukebox May 2011
NASA starts first federal network on SlideShare May 2011
Metrics take the guesswork out of Gov 2.0 May 2011
How to Teach with Tech Tools May 2011
How Color is Being Used May 2011
Twitter Search Done Right by May 2011
Love House Hunting? New iPad App From Rocks Apr 2011
Facebook Deals Launches Tonight & Groupon Doesn't Stand a Chance (Updated) Apr 2011
Web 3.0, part 1: Who Is More Trust-Worthy with Our Data: The Government or Big Companies? Apr 2011
Web 3.0, part 2: Letting Go: How Sharing Your Data Can Transform Your Life Apr 2011
Web 3.0, part 3: So Is Web 3.0 Already Here? Apr 2011
Gov 2.0 on the go: Agencies hit it big with mobile apps Apr 2011
Facebook, Your Future Bank Apr 2011
Crisis Mapping Meets Check-in Mar 2011
App Smart Extra: Earthquake Apps Mar 2011
Did Someone Ruin Foursquare For Me Yesterday? Mar 2011
Agriculture to shift all workers to the cloud by year's end Mar 2011
NASA hosts 'Tweetups' to spread the word about its missions Mar 2011
Will Twitter Become the New "Voice of America" Propaganda Arm? Feb 2011
U.K. Police Will Use Twitter to React to Protestors Feb 2011
FEMA will use social media through all stages of a disaster Feb 2011
So what does the Face of the future look like? Jan 2011
The 10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2010 Dec 2010
Facebook for Work Dec 2010
Tweeting Your iPhone Angst? AT&T is Listening... on Twitter Dec 2010
Digital IQ Study Nov 2010
Agencies to look for a 'cloud option' Nov 2010
Jimmy Wales to Announce Wiki 2.0 Nov 2010
VA taps veteran bloggers for outreach effort Nov 2010
MapMyFollowers is a Great Twitter Data Visualization Nov 2010
How Important Have Apps Become? Oct 2010
FCC tweeting while the FOX cable dispute is being resolved. Oct 2010
A New Model for Predicting Social Media Impact Oct 2010
Twitter Cheatsheet Oct 2010
Death Threats, Theft & Twitter: 24 Hours On the Beat Oct 2010
10 Lessons for Gov 2.0 from Web 2.0 Oct 2010
'Pre-crime' Comes to the HR Dept. Sep 2010
Twitter unveils 'faster, richer' Sep 2010
App Lets You Know When Friends Are Nearby Aug 2010
Web 2.0 risks and rewards for federal agencies Aug 2010
How Congress Uses Twitter Jul 2010
Wikipedia to Add Meaning to Its Pages Jul 2010
How cognitive surplus will change the world Jul 2010
6 Mashups of Music and Artificial Intelligence Jun 2010
Blogs and tweets could predict the future Jun 2010
The Future of Location Data, Beyond Social Networking Jun 2010
Meet the team that knows who is REALLY influential on Twitter (Klout) Jun 2010
Why Twitter Is the Future of News Jun 2010
The Internet IS a Series of Tubes: Real-Time Mapping of the London Underground Jun 2010
Palo Alto Researchers Create Tool for Dealing with Twitter's "Information Overload" May 2010
Wikipedia Goes 3D May 2010
The Entire Web Will Be Social Apr 2010
Memo to Gov Agencies: You May Now Tweet, Blog and Facebook Apr 2010
Twitter - A Fundamental Force for the Spread of Democracy? Mar 2010
Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users Mar 2010
Twitter Blog Highlights Novel Uses Mar 2010
Government Going All A-Twitter? Mar 2010
Foursquare is the Breakout Mobile App at SXSW Mar 2010
3D mash-up maps let you 'edit' the world (video) Dec 2009
Personalized, Real-Time Web Content Dec 2009
Top 10 US Cities Where Twitter is Mentioned in Craigslist Jobs Nov 2009
Two New Apps Superimpose Wikipedia Over Your iPhone Camera View of the World Oct 2009
Uncovering Connections on Twitter Could Become Big Business Oct 2009
ReadWriteWeb's List of Movie-Finding Resources Oct 2009
Two New Apps Superimpose Wikipedia Over Your iPhone Camera View of the World Oct 2009
Need to Borrow Sugar? NeighborGoods Wants to Help Oct 2009
The Real Time Web: A Primer, Part 1 Sep 2009
The Real Time Web: A Primer, Part 2 Sep 2009
The Real Time Web: A Primer, Part 3 Sep 2009
Google Wave set to Open to Google Apps Users Sep 2009
California Government High On Twitter Sep 2009
Web 2.0 and the Next Generation of Public Service Sep 2009
Mexican Government is using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other Social Media Sep 2009
Facebook and Government is on Facebook Sep 2009
H1N1 Tracking Map Sep 2009
Global CIO: Why CIOs Need The Transformative Power Of Twitter Aug 2009
Four Ingredients to Government Web 2.0 Success Aug 2009
Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools for the Next Generation of Public Service Aug 2009
Wikipedia Lauches Official iPhone App Aug 2009
UN and Google create Climate Change Mapping Resources Aug 2009
A Growing Acceptance of Social Networking in the Workplace Jul 2009
Clay Shirky: How social media can make history (Video on Jul 2009
Who Uses Social Networks and What Are They Like? (Part 1)  Jul 2009
Who Uses Social Networks and What Are They Like? (Part 2) Jul 2009
The Tweeting House: Twitter + Internet of Things Jul 2009
Weekend Treasure Jul 2009
US CIO Kundra Calls for Web 2.0 Co-Creation of Knowledge With Citizens Jun 2009
For NASA Employees, its "Spacebook", not Facebook Jun 2009
A Complete Guide to Google Wave Jun 2009
Google Wave preview video Jun 2009
Open Source Bridge attendee wiki Jun 2009
How Twitter is Changing the World of Professional Poker Jun 2009
Nibipedia Jun 2009
Flu Wiki May 2009
City 2.0: Using tech building blocks in tomorrow's urban centers May 2009
Map the Fallen (Google Earth app) May 2009
Poll: Business People Say Twitter More Important Than LinkedIn May 2009
How Social Messaging Works in the Enterprise (podcast) Apr 2009
Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees: study Apr 2009
This Machine Eats Tweets: The System Behind @Comcast and Others Apr 2009
5 secrets of leading-edge technology adopters  Apr 2009
Putting Twitter’s World to Use  Apr 2009
Is Social Networking Killing You? Mar 2009
Web 2.0 Finally Takes on Textbooks Feb 2009
Investment advice, Wikipedia-style Feb 2009
Biomed experts social web Feb 2009
How Businesses Can Use P2P Feb 2009
US to use Web 2.0 to win "war of ideas": US image-maker (AFP) Jan 2009
10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2009 Jan 2009
Wiki Your Town Council  Jan 2009
The Unforeseen Consequences of the Social Web Jan 2009
Crowd-Sourcing the World Jan 2009
Post Anything, Anywhere Jan 2009
The Machine is Us/ing Us  Jan 2009
State Department bridges borders with social networking Dec 2008
Social Media Predictions 2009 Dec 2008
Enterprise Virtual Worlds More Effective Than Web Conferencing Dec 2008
Scientific Journal to Authors: Publish in Wikipedia or Perish Dec 2008
Sharing the Browser Dec 2008
Social network for Researchers Dec 2008
Spy Fears: Twitter Terrorists, Cell Phone Jihadists Nov 2008
Enterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison Nov 2008
Videos from Web 2.0 Summit, Nov 5-7, 2008 Nov 2008
A List of Social Media Marketing Examples Nov 2008
Website to leak sensitive material Nov 2008
Seven blog news trackers compared Oct 2008
The Periodic Table of Videos Oct 2008
Best Buy's "Enterprise Twitter" Oct 2008
Trapster Oct 2008
Your U.S. government blog Oct 2008
Podcasts from the U.S. government Oct 2008
Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth Oct 2008
CIA, FBI push 'Facebook for spies' Sep 2008
Enterprise Twitter Sep 2008
Capturing the Moment (and More) via Cellphone Video Sep 2008
Connect the virtual and physical world by bringing the right information from the internet to the relevant place in physical space Sep 2008
Medpedia: Online Encyclopedia of Medicine Aug 2008
How Cloud Computing Is Changing the World Aug 2008
SafeRoadMaps Aug 2008
Mapping Infectious Diseases Jul 2008
Why Most Online Communities Fail Jul 2008
How Web 2.0 will change the face of business… Jul 2008
Patients Like Me (Social Network) Jul 2008
Governments Around the Globe Have Become Early Adopters of Web 2.0 Strategies Jul 2008
Second Life used for virtual recruiting by State of Missouri Jul 2008
Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications list Jun 2008
Find Pick-Up Basketball Games, Find Players Jun 2008
The Business of Social Networks (Part 1) [NOTE: Part 2 links from this] Jun 2008
The Tetherless World Constellation May 2008
Wikis Are Now Serious Business May 2008
How the Enterprise Moves to 2.0 May 2008
Social Networking Meets Personal Finance May 2008
DOD, DHS find voice in blogs May 2008
On strike, virtually May 2008
How Web 2.0 Can Reinvent Government Apr 2008
Science 2.0 -- Is Open Access Science the Future? Apr 2008
Cloud Computing Book by Carr Mar 2008
Chirp, keeps track of your social network folks Mar 2008
Social Networking Moves to the Cellphone Mar 2008
Web Mashups Made Easy Mar 2008
Social Networking Hits the Genome Mar 2008
True Knowledge  (video) Mar 2008
Future Blogger website Mar 2008
The Social Cloud  (video) Feb 2008
Spidering the "Dark Web" Feb 2008
Top Health 2.0 Web Apps Feb 2008
Smart Badges Track Human Behavior Jan 2008